$129 /Month

$300 initial fee,
split into two installments
of $150 each
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The initial fee of $300 is split into two payments as follows. $150 is charged once you have enrolled and we have provided you with a credit consultation. $150 is charged approximately 4 days later, once we have mailed the first round of investigation letters.  The monthly fee of $129 begins 30 days after enrollment and is charged for a maximum of 6 months. Since the monthly fee is billed in arrears for work already performed, we require 30 days notice in the event you wish to cancel prior to the completion of 6 months.

All clients must maintain an active, monthly credit monitoring service from all three credit bureaus as a requirement of our Dallas credit repair program. We recommend ID Club which offers a 7 day trail period for $1 and $19.95 per month thereafter.