Steve, I am telling everyone about you I am so impressed with everything you have done for us and we greatly appreciate it we owe you a lot so I am trying to send everyone to you.
Melinda L.   Amarillo, Texas, 6/29/16

Steve, I wanted to take a few minutes and thank you for the work you have done improving our credit score. As you know after we had the IRS lien on our home every credit card and banking institution removed us from the favorable category to unfavorable. I was told at one time I would be better off to file BK and start over. We didn’t and it looked like an impossible task,  with confidence you helped us feel better by letting us know that you had the tools to help us fix these problems.  We were just approved for a construction loan with a 4.5% rate and a 30 year mortgage when the construction is finished at the same 4.5%. We are very appreciative and can strongly recommend your service without hesitation.
Linwood S.   Denison, Texas 6/20/16

I can’t thank you enough, Shawn! I see my FICO is a 640 now and one of my Capital One credit lines just increased from $1,000 to $6,000! (I actually called to make sure that wasn’t a computer error and it sure wasn’t!) FRS is the Best!
Jordan J.   Norwalk, Connecticut  6/16/16

I wanted to say “thank you” for your help with my credit issues on my credit report.  About a year and a half ago, I was looking into finding a house to purchase.  The realtor reviewed my credit report and suggested I contact you to help clear up issues that should long ago have been removed, but were not. About six months ago, I realized if anything in this area was going to change I would need help.  Not just any help, but a person and company that knows the laws, statutes, regulations, and time issues to make the credit companies comply. That person is you Shawn Lane and your company FRS Credit.  In less than six months Shawn, your company has turned my FICO credit scores up, up. and up. The increase is over 100 points,and climbing. Plus, all the old credit issues have been removed permanently in a legal way, never to return again to my credit report.  You have changed my life because now I have opportunities that before could not be realized.  For example, a house with a low interest rate, or a car with 1.79 percent instead of 23 percent rate. You have put money back into my pocket that my old FICO score credit rating was taking through paying out so much on high interest rates or no credit avenues but the high cash stores around for people with bad FICO credit scores.  I am living better, have more money to spend on my family, and even now I can start to put money away for a rainy day. Thank you for your professional expertise, integrity, and business knowledge.
P.S. Even to have dental work, buy tires, or even have car repairs done. Just every day things that we need.  Having a good or better FICO score makes all these tools, avenues for living available to us to use.  Thank God for FRS credit and the work it does.
Connie G.   Rockwall, Texas 6/10/16

I personally used this company. They took my credit from a good score to an excellent score. This helped me purchase a commercial building for my company. Thanks FRS for great credit repair.
Taylor Willingham   McKinney, Texas 5/17/16

Guys at Financial Renovation Solutions, Inc. are Honest and reliable! Does an outstanding job. I will refer my family and friends to this company.
Leslie Anderson   Albany, New York, 11/13/15

Financial Renovation Solutions did a fantastic job and improved my credit score from 580 to 725 in 5 months. Thank you so much!
Heidi Hartman   West Roxbury, Massachusetts, 11/10/15

Thank you is NOT enough to express! After using Financial Renovation Solutions both my husband and my credit has increased over 100 points. We are on our way to home ownership soon as our loan was approved! Thanks so much!!!!
Kelly Rumney, Wylie   Texas, 10/21/15

Excellent place! A year ago my husband and I had terrible credit and now we own land and are building a new house!!! Thank you, Shawn!!<
Robert and Erika Gonzalez   Anna, Texas, 8/21/15

Credit scores are critical when seeking to finance anything. Due to an unfortunate circumstance, my wife and I were unable to obtain a house loan, even though we could make the payment. A lender recommended FRS to us. For us the process was easy, as FRS did all of the work. Three months later, we opened a loan.
Shawn Lane and Steve Bell handled our process as true professionals. Their response and answers were always immediate and accurate. They are true professionals and just great people. Use them!
Elmer D.   McKinney, Texas, 5/18/2015

The best experience ever worth the time money and effort thank you financial renovations for all your help Shawn Lane you are a rock star thank you so much, if you have bad credit you want to change your credit status for the better please contact financial renovation solutions, they are going to do everything they can to fix your credit bring your credit score up and re-open your lines of credit to reestablish build up your score again it’s amazing it’s true.
Omar Paula Velasquez   Hurst, Texas, 5/15/15

There are no words to describe the wonders of this company. FRS boosted my credit score within months. Mr. Shawn Lane and his team are simply outstanding at their jobs. They stand behind their word and perform with an utmost professionalism. Aside from resolving existing credit accounts, FRS also welcomes you to call their office where financial advise is needed when seeking new credit, auto and home loan. I am most grateful for FRS and their dynamic team.
San Juana Figueroa   The Colony, Texas, 3/11/15

I want to thank you and your staff for your efficiency and diligence towards not only cleaning up my credit issues but drastically changing my score! I was skeptical at first due of the number of credit issues I was facing. I am on a budget, so spending money to repair credit damage that I obviously couldn’t afford to repair myself was a little scary. Then, after only two months my credit score jumped 100 points. Now, four months into the process my credit score with all three bureaus is EXCELLENT!
Wendy   McKinney, Texas, 8/1/14

I was very skeptical in the beginning because people told me credit repair was a scam. However, after working with you for the first month I became a believer once I saw the updated credit reports with all the deletions. Now 4 months later, my credit score is up 85 points which has allowed me to qualify for a new home mortgage at a very favorable interest rate. Thank You Financial Renovation Solutions!
Steven K.   McKinney, Texas, 7/15/14