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You’re excited about getting a home mortgage or a car loan. Or maybe you are about to land the promotion you feel you deserve. Maybe you want a new job and the one you dreamed of seems ready to come your way. In all these situations, one roadblock can put a stop to everything – a low credit score or a bad credit report. That’s where Financial Renovation Solutions, Inc., comes in. We specialize in Garland credit restoration. When people feel overwhelmed or frustrated by their credit problems, our credit restoration in Garland TX can fix the issues that are holding you back.

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We have earned a sterling reputation among Garland credit restoration companies because we customize our strategy for each customer. We start with a free credit analysis, unlike other credit restoration companies in Garland TX. Before we do Garland credit restoration, we study your credit reports from Experian, Equifax and TransUnion. We don’t begin credit restoration in Garland TX for you until we know all the facts and can get a grasp of your whole credit picture.

Garland Credit Restoration Companies

We know you want actual results, not just vague promises. FRS Credit stands alone among Garland credit restoration companies when we say that it’s not unusual for our customers to get a 50 to 150 point boost in their credit score. In fact, our entire process of Garland credit restoration is based on the highest standards of honesty, integrity, ethical conduct, transparency and accountability. We stand behind everything we do for each customer we serve.

Credit Restoration in Garland TX

Why Come to FRS Credit Instead of Other Credit Restoration Companies in Garland TX?

  • We have a team of trained experts led by CEO Shawn K. Lane, a recognized authority in this field.
  • If we fail to improve your credit score or don’t get negative information taken off your credit report, you will benefit from our 100% money-back guarantee (certain condition apply). Most other Garland credit restoration companies would never make an offer like that.
  • Sometimes people mistakenly believe that Garland credit restoration isn’t authentic or can’t happen for them because their circumstances are so dire. At FRS Credit, we welcome the opportunity to repair your credit, no matter how serious your situation is.

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