Credit Repair Service Company in Plano, TX

Financial Renovation Solutions is a Plano credit repair service that consists of experienced credit experts. We can help anyone with a credit score, but we most commonly work with individuals who want to improve their rating.

Credit Repair Service Company

Perhaps they are getting ready to buy their first home and want to get approved for a home loan. Or, it’s possible that they went through a financial rough patch and are now ready to put the past behind them. We can help.

Plano Credit Repair Service Company

How We Assist Our Clients
Here are some of the ways that our Plano credit repair company assists clients.

  • Improve credit score
  • Follow honest, ethical practices
  • Credit and financial consulting
  • Familiar with the latest laws regarding consumer rights
  • Validation of all items on the credit report
  • Removal of inaccurate or unverifiable information
  • Access to online file 24/7

Credit Repair Service in Plano TX

Guaranteed Credit Score Increase
Our Plano credit repair service has such high success rates, we guarantee that we’ll raise your credit score up to 150 points! Everything we do is 100% legal and follows the Fair Credit Reporting Act. You can feel good about what you’re doing, and learn along the way from our credit repair service in Plano TX.

Our specialties include:

  • Late payments
  • Charge offs
  • Judgments
  • Tax liens
  • Collections
  • Repossessions
  • Medical collections
  • Bankruptcies

Plano Credit Repair Service

You Have More Options than You Think
You have more options than you probably realize when it comes to your credit report, and our credit repair company in Plano TX is here to help you sort through them. We are familiar with the latest laws regarding consumer rights, and our credit experts will verify everything on your credit report.

If any of the items are outdated or inaccurate, we will have them removed, raising your credit score. This is 100% legal; many people are just unfamiliar with how to go through each step. Once your credit report is more accurate and fair, our Plano credit repair company will provide financial education.

Raising your credit score isn’t a one-time deal. You need to continue to rebuild your credit and protect it from future financial problems. Call Financial Renovation Solution for your FREE credit analysis and to learn more about our Plano credit repair service.